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It’s gloomy out, I’ve had better days, most of my friends have had better days, maybe we’ve all had better days. So it’s time for some silly stuff!

This short video shows why we love Stanford University for its many contributions to technology, society … and cat toys!

My 87-year-old father has this Disney-esque view of the animal kingdom, where all wild animals want is to be our friends. What can I say? He’s 87. It’s a little late in the game to change his mind, and at this point, why try after failing for decades? Anyway, this Weezer video was produced by Spike Jonze, but it could have been written by Dad:

Finally, my friend Marsha had a disagreement with her otherwise delightful husband, Elliott, who accused her of making up her memory of The Banana Man. Trust me, no one could think they remembered something this absurd without having seen it. Thanks, Marsha, for digging this up and passing it along. Captain Kangaroo presents The Banana Man:


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  1. Does anyone else think The Banana Man bears a suspicious resemblance to Mr. Green Jeans?

    Comment by esheley | April 4, 2008 | Reply

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