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Things Are Changing Here

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a book review.

Yes, I was busy and did some traveling as well. But I also needed a break and an opportunity to reflect on what I’m doing here.

As a result of the reflection, I’ll be doing the book reviews somewhat differently now. They’ll be more in my own voice, which means they could also be more succinct – or longer. It depends on the book.

I’m also going to handle the animal treatment differently, without the Safe/Not Safe warning. That’s going to be descriptive now, and I’ll focus on animal characters and whether there’s anything particularly off-putting about the way animals are described or portrayed. For example, a dog named Molly who features prominently as a character will be noted; an unnamed dog that follows the narrator briefly will not. Or an unnamed horse that dies on the battlefield in a gruesome death that’s described will be noted; an unnamed horse that dies on the battlefield with a mention but no description will not warrant space. And that’s all subject to change, depending on what I feel is important after reading the book.


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