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2011: South Rim of the Grand Canyon

From Sedona, we headed to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Normally, we drive up to Flagstaff on Route 89, stop for lunch, and take 180 straight to the Canyon. It’s not the fastest route, but it’s by far the most scenic. This time, however, we got back on 89 and took route 64 along the eastern route, also known as the East Rim Drive. We hadn’t done this in many years, and we wanted to see as much of the Canyon as possible. Here’s a map for perspective.

And here are some photos:

We then checked into El Tovar, the historic “luxury” hotel on the South Rim. We’ve stayed there before, and it truly is gorgeous and well-appointed. But this time, we learned just how luxurious it could be. Yes, we were upgraded to a suite. It was huge, just gigantic. And beautiful. The photos in the link don’t do it justice, and leave out a lot of the beautiful interior. So I’m going to include a few of my own, though not enough to really give a sense of the space:

Unfortunately, it was too cold and way too windy to use the balcony. The wind turned out to be a real problem a couple of days later, but that’s for the next post.


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