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Does the Dog Die? A Brief Review of Maybe This Time, by Jennifer Crusie

Once again, work has interfered with blogging. But enough about that. Jennifer Crusie has a fun new novel out, and you should read it!

As she so often does, Crusie writes partly from her own formula and partly in a new form. This time, she takes on the Gothic novel. Yes, she’s got the usual 30-something heroine who isn’t quite over an old love, and she’s incorporates a music theme and hot but not explicit sex scenes. But, having read almost everything she’s written, it appears that the Gothic genre is new territory for Crusie. Of course, she nails it. And of course, I am recommending this book.

In the story, Andie Miller is persuaded by her ex-husband, North, to visit a property he owns in the wilds of Ohio, and find out what is going on with two orphans he is guardian to. Reluctantly — in part because she needs the big pile of money North has thrown at her — Andie heads off to meet Carter and Alice, and the housekeeper from Hell. Of course, a nosy journalist and North’s younger brother, South (of course), intrude, along with Andie’s erstwhile fiance and ex-mother-in-law. Oh, and a couple of ghosts. More than a couple, actually. Hilarity ensues, along with touching moments and sex. And ghosts. The ghosts are what’s new to Crusie, and she handles them quite well. The book is a light read that doesn’t make you feel like you just wasted time with pointless brain candy.

As for animals, there are none. So this book is perfectly SAFE for animal lovers. Enjoy!


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