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New Mexico 2010: Shopping

I, of all people, should not be writing a post about shopping. I am not a recreational shopper. I do not shop for fun. My idea of a wild shopping spree is logging onto and buying more than three books. I have a few set times during the year when I buy items other than food, and I prefer not to waste valuable vacation time visiting stores, aside from quick strolls through museum and park gift shops.

How’s that for a bad attitude?

But on this trip, we shopped. Some. And I enjoyed it. Some. And I did find some good places that I will endorse and maybe even go back to someday.

One place we went back to while we were in New Mexico was the Tapestry Gallery in Madrid, specifically because, after having bought some of artist Robin Pascal’s handmade buttons, I wanted more. What I love about Pascal’s buttons is that they’re both pretty and practical. But they’re also inventive. Lots of artists make glass beads. But buttons? Those are different and useful, both. If you’re going to have to sew buttons onto a garment, why not have them be this pretty?

Also in Madrid is “the art gallery that sells the soap,” officially known as Color & Light. There’s a lot of great stuff here, but I tend to only purchase small things while traveling, so the scented soaps by Diablo Canyon Soapworks are what I buy here. They make good gifts.

There were other galleries we visited in Madrid, and I want to make special note of the Trading Bird Pottery Gallery. The daughter of two of the artists talked to us about the art work there, including some astonishingly intricate pinch pots kind of like these but even more detailed. They were really very beautiful.

We didn’t shop in Albuquerque or Santa Fe — although we’ve browsed in the past and even purchased an item or two. Don’t pass them up if you’re into shopping, because there’s a lot there. And come to think of it, I did buy a pin from one of the Native Americans selling jewelry on the Santa Fe Plaza. But the next time we really “shopped” was in Taos.

We stayed at The Little Tree B&B while in Taos, and they stock Desert Blends toiletries, so we stopped by the Desert  Blends store to pick some up for ourselves. Since arriving home, I’ve become particularly enamored of the lip balm. We visited several other stores on this excursion: Garden & Soul, which is where I bought this year’s holiday cards; At Home in Taos, which is where I bought some gifts; 3 Dog Art, where we bought some things for my mom’s dog and my own cats; and a few others where we looked but didn’t buy.

The good thing is that most of my holiday shopping is now done, and the places I mentioned above were different, so the gifts will be unique. If you’re in Madrid or Taos, New Mexico, and feel like shopping, you may find these same stores to be worth checking out. I’d go back to any of them.


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