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New Mexico 2010: Animals Other Than Birds

Zoos are not just for children. While it’s always fun to see an animal in the wild, like, say, this tarantula,

Tommy Tarantula

there are not many zebras, gibbons, or giraffes running free in my neck of the woods.

So we went to the Albuquerque Zoo, part of the larger Biopark, after visiting the city’s Botanical Gardens (also part of the Biopark) for most of the day. So, what did we see?

At the Botanical Gardens, we saw fish:

And jellyfish:

Then it was off to the Zoo! Due to limited time, we didn’t take in the whole place, but we did get to the Australia exhibit, the nocturnal animals exhibit, and part of the Africa exhibit. Of course, Australia had a koala:

and the slow loris is a cute nocturnal animal (sorry about the flash, dude):

This small African gazelle was ready to go in for the day but posed prettily nonetheless:

I don’t remember what this is, and it might have been South American, but it was cool:

And I have a place in my heart for giraffes:

Outside of the Biopark, we didn’t see a lot of wildlife aside from the birds I discussed in my previous post. There was this tiny snake outside Bandalier National Monument:

and some mule deer lollygagging on a lawn near Cimarron:

and our B&B hosts’ pets, but that was it. Still, it was a lot.

Next up, against my better instincts, shopping!


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