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New Mexico 2010: Overview

The New Mexico Tourism Board is going to love me. Absolutely love me. Why? Because I am writing about 7 or 8 blog posts in which I babble about how wonderful the state is, and why everyone reading the posts should go there. All of which is true. I’ve got the pictures and links to prove it, too.

This was our 4th or 5th visit to New Mexico in as many years. Our vacation pattern is to find a place we love and explore it to death. This takes time and a number of trips; we’ve still got a lot of New Mexico to cover,  but this was a far-reaching visit. I’m going to be writing about where we stayed, ate, shopped, and looked around in awe. There will be lots of pictures of scenery and animals, and links wherever possible.

In this rough economy, I’ve had good and bad times, most lately good. I really needed a vacation, because I’ve had very little free time over the past months. New Mexico was exactly what I needed. I’m going home feeling relaxed and ready to tackle my life again, with a better perspective on certain things, like how I spend my free time. But that’s me. I want to write about our trip.

 Dave, the love of my life and the best traveling companion I have ever had, suffered from a low-grade cold the entire time. He remained cheerful, charming, and game, and for that I appreciate him even more than usual.

Next up: two B&Bs and an inn.


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