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Cats and Catastrophes

Let’s do the fun part first: I adopted two new cats. Sasha and Paris are 13 months old, I’ve had them for 4 weeks, and while I still miss Eddie (and Priscilla, and Hillary and Rabbit), they are just what I wanted and I am completely smitten.

Paris is quite shy, so he hangs out under the bed a lot:

His sister, Sasha, is making herself right at home:

As kittens, they were rescued from a feral colony and socialized, so they’re a bit more timid than most cats, but Sasha certainly has come around, and Paris is starting to warm up to me as well. I got them from the rescue group I volunteer with, Four Paws. They have some great cats available, and I wish I could adopt more.

Now, as for catastrophes: I live in Alexandria, Virginia, and last week we were hit by a very intense wind storm, with 80 mph gusts that knocked down trees and power lines. I was without power for 2 days, which was manageable since I had another place to stay and could park some of my refrigerated food in someone else’s fridge. Here are some pictures of the clean-up operations:

This wasn’t even the worst damage, it was just what was within 4 blocks of my house. I’ll happily not repeat this experience. But no one was killed, and the tree surgeons are making lots of money, and we still have a nice, dense tree cover in my lovely community. So, like the big snow last winter, it’s turning into a source of stories.


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  1. Such beautiful cats! Perhaps Sasha will help you bring Paris out of his shell. However, I must tell you: Paris is a vampire. I can tell. xoxo Your birdie friend

    Comment by Perroquet | August 10, 2010 | Reply

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