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Does the Dog Die? A Brief Review of The Sweetheart Season, by Karen Joy Fowler

This was a pleasant book. I’ve read most of Karen Joy Fowler’s work, and it runs the gamut between pleasant and outstanding. There’s nothing wrong with a pleasant book. You’re just not going to grab someone by the arm and insist they read it, or recommend it to your book group.

The Sweetheart Season started off as a book about the women’s baseball leagues of the 1940s, but then Fowler shifted gears. The book she published is about the narrator’s mother, Irini Doyle, and her late teenaged years in a small town where she worked for a cereal company. Then Irini joined a women’s baseball team, which didn’t really come together for me and made me wish Fowler had written about that alone instead of making it a plot element.

The book is funny and charming, and not a lot happens. The characters are all a bit off, some more than a bit off, and that’s by design. In fact, the characters are the best thing about the book. The Sweetheart Season is pleasant enough. And it would make a great beach book.

As for animals, nothing bad happens to Tweed, Irini’s collie. Tweed is a good and loyal pet with a few brief scenes, and he isn’t imperilled. She’s also not Lassie. There are a some scenes that animal lovers might not like, but they’re brief and mostly insignificant. Still, the book isn’t completely free of such moments. So I am going to declare this book MOSTLY SAFE for animal lovers.


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