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A Hodge-Podge

So Domino’s Pizza is advertising that their old pizza was awful. I’m not going to argue with that. I’d give it a D+. And now, supposedly, Domino’s has a new and improved pizza.

Let me say here that I am not a fan of New York pizza. To me, it is a fat delivery system with no flavor other than salt and a texture like cardboard drenched in grease. I much prefer Chicago-style pizza, which is a fat delivery system with many diverse flavors and wonderful textures. Mmmm, Chicago-style pizza!

I mention this because on Sunday, Dave and I returned from New York with a variety pack of beers from Brooklyn Brewery, all of which I will write about below. And the US-Canada hockey game was on that night, and we’re hockey fans. So, to go with our beers, we ordered a pizza from Domino’s.

Good work, Domino’s! You certainly did improve your product. I now give it a B-, which is high praise coming from me. The crust has a hint of garlic flavor and no longer tastes like cardboard. The sauce — who even noticed the sauce before? Now it’s just a tad spicy, which I like. Spicy is good. The sausage still needs some work, but maybe that’s next.

Okay, on to New York. We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Brewery.  The latter was not as interesting as a winery, but the beer is good and now I’ve finally been in Brooklyn. For dinner, we revisited a favorite restaurant, Fig and Olive, and discovered a new one, Cookshop. Both were excellent.

What else did we do in New York? We got hypnotized by the Olympics on TV. Who knew the men’s cross-country race could be so exciting? It was, though, with the Swedes introducing a new strategy that really pissed off the other racers and resulted in gold and bronze medals for the Swedes. Good going, Swedish cross-country guys!

The US-Canada men’s hockey game on Sunday was dramatic. I don’t think I breathed during the entire third period. I’m an American, which should surprise no one reading this blog, but I like good hockey most of all. I’m also pissed off that neither the Canadian nor the American team have any of my Washington Capitals on them, while Russia has three. If I end up cheering for Russia, this is why.

Anyway, the Canadians were all assuming this was a two-team tournament between them and Russia. That’s why they lost, and if they don’t pull it together immediately, they’re over. I have little hope for them, because they certainly seemed to lack cohesiveness and it’s kind of late even if they develop it. It is entirely possible that they are now shocked into whatever mental state athletes need to be in to win. But the other teams — the ones like defending Olympic gold medalists Team Sweden — have had more time together in that very frame of mind. Via the Internet I have a good friend from Canada, and I know this means a lot to them, but I am calling Sweden to repeat as the gold medalists, the winner of the Russia/Canada match to take silver, and US for the bronze. Blame Steve Yzerman for listening to Don Cherry * or someone very much like him . I’d like to see the gold medal game between Russia and the US, but we’ll see. There’s lots of hockey to be played this week, and I don’t want to jinx it.

*Cherry is a clown who used to know a lot about hockey but doesn’t anymore. He’s biased against all players born outside of Canada, which is a distinctly 1950s mentality. Take the most bigoted bloviating anti-immigrant politician you can think of, put him in a bright red jacket, and limit him to talking about hockey: that’s Don Cherry. He probably really does think there are only two teams playing in the Olympics. It’s sad when a one-time expert becomes a joke, and that’s what happened to him.


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