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Does the Dog Die? A Brief Review of Never Enough, by Joe McGinniss

Every so often, I read a true crime book, enjoy it immensely, then forget about the genre for another year or so. So it was with Never Enough, by Joe McGinniss. This fascinating story of greed, infidelity, and murder takes place mostly in Hong Kong, where Rob and Nancy Kissel lived for several years before she killed him.

Nancy Kissel seemed permanently dissatisfied, and not bright enough to figure out that there was there was any other solution to that problem beyond shopping. Then, in the midst of putting together her dream home in a small town in Vermont, she encountered the local womanizer and fell in love. Since “the stereo guy” — as I came to think of him — couldn’t keep Nancy in her lavish lifestyle, she decided to make her fortune as a widow. So she drugged Rob, then beat him to death with a tchotchke, and went on to claim self-defense against a sexual sadist even though there was zero evidence that Rob ever did anything to Nancy other than lose her interest. Meanwhile, the Vermont Lothario moved on and Nancy more or less lost her mind. It was all very sad, and very unnecessary.

So that’s what happens, but the book is worth reading for McGinniss’s sterling writing. The guy knows how to convey suspense even when you know exactly what’s going to happen (although the Wikipedia link is good for checking on the status of the appeals). I’m giving this one a strong recommendation.

There were no pets present, and the only disturbing thing involving animals has to do with a description of some Chinese food (their meat selections are broader than ours). If this bothers you, skip page 78, which is not pivotal to the story, and you’ll be fine. Otherwise, this book is SAFE for animal lovers.


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