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Does the Dog Die? A Brief Review of All This Heavenly Glory, by Elizabeth Crane

Here’s what I didn’t like about All This Heavenly Glory: long, long, hopelessly long sentences, and long, long, hopelessly long paragraphs. This drives me crazy. It’s not artistic or cute, it’s annoying, and it’s discourteous to readers — you know, those people who actually buy the books. Breaking up sentences and paragraphs helps readers hold manageable thoughts in their heads. And, contrary to what many authors obviously think, we do not sit down and read the entire book all at once. End of rant.

Otherwise, this was a good book. I’d previously reviewed a short story collection by Crane and really enjoyed it. This book is episodic aspects, like short stories, but it  tells the tale of Charlotte Anne Byers from childhood through her forties. Charlotte can break your heart and make you laugh both at once. She is neurotic, drinks too much for a while, loses in love, stumbles in her career, and makes many lists. Not much happens other than a woman living her life, but the way Crane tells it, that is enough. This is a glorious book, and I highly recommend it.

All This Heavenly Glory is also SAFE for animal lovers. There’s a dog that lives with a little boy who needs more parental supervision, but that’s it. Enjoy!


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