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Does the Dog Die? A Brief Review of Knit Two, by Kate Jacobs

Kate Jacobs does not write “great literature,” but I don’t care. I sink into one of her novels and just absorb the cozy improbabilities, the too-good-to-be-true characters, and all the warm fuzzies that threaten to suffocate a serious reader. I love her books.

So of course I’m going to nitpick. Knit Two is the sequel to The Friday Night Knitting Club, which is apparently going to be a series because Jacobs already has another book out in hardcover. And how do we know that Knit Two is a sequel? Well, let’s see, it’s got most of the same characters, it is centered on the Walker and Daughter yarn store, and it keeps reminding us over and over and over again about the wonderfulness of Georgia Walker, the protagonist of the first book, who died. As in her non-Knitting Club book, Comfort Food, Jacobs wrote her main character as saintly, wise, and flawed only in ways that made her seem even more saintly and wise. In Knit Two, we get at least three reminders per page that the late, great Georgia was beyond perfect, and that five years after her death, everyone she ever met thinks of her constantly. Oh, please. Georgia Walker was in the book more than some of the live characters. But I loved Knit Two! I even did a pretty good job of keeping track of the friends and family that Georgia left behind. Conveniently for Jacobs, she’s got enough characters with enough issues that she can keep writing this series as long as she wants. And I’ll read every book she writes. But I wish she’d let the dead rest for a page or two. That’s all.

So, about the story … Georgia’s daughter, Dakota, is heir to Walker and Daughter and isn’t sure she wants it. Georgia’s elderly “fairy godmother” Anita is in love and battling family issues. Georgia’s sorta friend Catherine is trying to sort out life after divorce. Darwin has babies, Lucie has family issues, almost everyone has career issues, and KC rediscovers the joy of smoking. (KC got the short end of the stick this time.) They’re all pretty interesting, I didn’t think the characters’ dialogue was differentiated or individualized at all but I don’t care, and I enjoyed the hell out of this book. You may, too. It’s brain candy, like a box of designer truffles that you get on Christmas morning and devour way too quickly. I’m recommending it. May Georgia Walker rest in peace, and may Kate Jacobs continue to write.

As for animal lovers, there are zero animals in this book. I think this was also the case in Friday Night Knitting Club. So no animals, no problem — this book is completely SAFE for animal lovers.


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