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Vacation Part Six: Yellowstone Days 3 and 4

Let’s get the big disappointment out of the way. When Mom visited Yellowstone in 1985, and when Dave and I visited in 1998, one of the most beautiful parts of the park was the Minerva Terrace at Mammoth Hot Springs, which had these beautiful layered pools. But when we visited this time, these pools were all dry. It was really sad, even though the water has apparently bubbled up elsewhere.

So we drove on to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, which provided this shot of the Yellowstone River and its falls:



Then we were off to visit the larger part of Norris Hot Springs. Here are some photos, including one of Mom and her trekking pole:



The little geyser below is called Whirligig. I remember watching it for a very long time when we visited in 1998 — it just doesn’t stop:


Then, on Day 4, my camera, which had been acting increasingly flaky, started blurring things. We saw — and I took photos of — elk, pronghorn antelope, mountain goats, bison, and other animals. They were all blurred. I don’t take blurry pictures. I’ll go years without a blur. Then all of a sudden, it’s all blurred. So I’m going to be getting a new camera, and I don’t have much usable from Day 4. But we took a 2.3 mile hike along a portion of Yellowstone Lake, and I do have a couple of photos of that. First is a submerged boardwalk! Yes, there was a warning sign at the beginning of the trail. I still find this amusing.


Mom took this one of me and Dave:


The rest of the photos from the hike are blurry, which is too bad because there are some gorgeous mountains on the other side of the lake.

Years ago I realized that I was perfectly capable of viewing an entire vacation through a camera lens, and resolved not to. The camera breakdown on this trip makes me glad I adopted that approach, because I had a great time with Dave and my mom. I’m glad we did it. Thanks, Dave and Mom.

Next up, a return to book reviews.


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