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Vacation Part Five: Yellowstone Day 2

When Mom visited Yellowstone in 1985, she and my dad just drove in, got a room at Old Faithful Lodge, and stayed 5 days. Now? In-park lodging requires that you make reservations months in advance. Also, Dave and I neither one remember how long we were in the park in 1998, but we did about half again as much as we did this time, so I’m thinking it had to be 5 days minimum, probably 6. Anyway, Mom’s favorite memory was of Old Faithful. So that was our destination on the morning of Day 2.

Old Faithful doesn’t go off every hour the way it used to. Now, it’s anywhere from 80 to 100 minutes. But our timing was perfect: we saw three eruptions. This sequence of photos, from the first one eruption, is typical.




Cool, huh? There are other “geothermal features” near Old Faithful, including this boiling pool.


These things all smell of sulfur, by the way. By time we left the Old Faithful area, it was mid-afternoon. Our next stop was the Norris Geyser Basin, which is my personal favorite. The Basin is divided into two parts. We went into the smaller Porcelain Basin on Day 2. It was chilly that day, making it perfect for the heat generated by Norris’s thermal pools. I just love this area!




The pictures are loading slowly, so I’m going to stop now and blog about the remainder of the trip in my next two posts, probably on 7/23 and 7/26.


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