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Vacation Part Three: The Grand Tetons

Between the Idaho cousins and Yellowstone lies Grand Teton National Park. And so we spent a couple of days there. My camera began dying in the Grand Tetons, and we met our first dud park ranger (ever!) there. When I enter a national park, I like to head straight to the visitor center and discuss trails — trails we’re contemplating, trails we’ve never heard of and the ranger recommends, trails that might be closed because of bear activity or whatever (we encountered “whatever” in Yellowstone), etc. And in Grand Teton, one of the visitor center rangers didn’t want to have that discussion, because he was much more interested in looking at a colleague’s “tetons.” But we managed fine without him. We found out from another ranger that the hike from Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls is classified as “easy.”

And this is where we made our first mistake. There’s easy, and then there’s level. When you’re hiking with  a 76-year-old woman, level is better than easy, and trekking poles always help. But we left our trekking poles in the rental car and set out for Hidden Falls.

We took a boat across Jenny Lake, a smallish body of water at the southern end of the park.


From there, we took a gently ascending trail up about a mile or so to Hidden Falls. This would have been simple had the trail not had scree. But it did have scree, so we ended up holding Mom’s hand to steady her on occasion. Still, Hidden Falls is gorgeous, as you can see:


After descending, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed up to Jackson Lake, which is much bigger than Jenny Lake. There, we had ice cream (who knew Mom had such a jones for ice cream?) and walked along the lake for a bit, this time arming my mother with a trekking pole: 


And there were lots of mountains. Lots and lots of mountains:

DSC00452 DSC00457

Then the camera began dying. But before then, we saw a load of beautiful scenery and wildlife (especially pronghorn antelope), got out into the mountains, and stayed at a nice little motel in Jackson, ate well, and probably all three hoped that the rest of the trip would go as well.

Next up: Yellowstone!


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