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A Celebration of Weird Garbage Day 2009

Dave thinks I have a dangerous obsession with Weird Garbage Day, more formally known in my community as Spring Clean-up. This is the day on which we can put old furniture, brush, and other outsized items on the curb for pick-up by the city trash trucks. The night before, what we call “the scavengers” drive around in big trucks and pick up whatever they think can be rehabbed and reused. The city trucks then sort the reusable items from the true trash, and take it all away.

I like to see what people put out on the curb. This fascinates me, it’s like a small window into a side of their lives they’d normally not reveal. And I like to see what’s taken away. For example … if you enlarge this page to full screen, you will see a picture of Priscilla, my cat who died last year at the age of 19 1/2. Now, that is very, very old for a cat. And she spent her last year not using the litter box. She used a couple of spots in the basement, and one of those spots was the bottom of a two-tiered coffee table I planned to dump anyway. So on Thursday evening, Dave and I moved the cat-pee-soaked coffee table onto the curb. And yesterday evening, one of the scavengers loaded it into a truck and took it away! I am stunned that this cat-pee-encrusted piece of garbage was lifted onto a truck with the hope that it would prove to be of some use.

Aren’t people amazing? I love the ingenuity and optimism that represents.

Anyway, that’s the big recycling news in my life. Staying with the environmentalism theme, Slate magazine addressed the environmental aspects of microwave oven use. If all you’re doing is heating something, as opposed to really cooking, it’s the environmentally correct thing to do. Happy Belated Earth Day.

Finally, mother love can be recycled. Mother’s Day is coming up in a couple of weeks; I hope Jasmine has a good one.


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