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Does the Dog Die? A Brief Review of Charlie All Night, by Jennifer Crusie

Still in the brain candy phase, though I’m starting something more substantial soon.

And speaking of brain candy, who does it better than Jennifer Crusie? Charlie All Night is one of her earlier books, published in 1996. With a plot that sounds like a sibling to the old sitcom, Kramer, Crusie presents her usual mix of workplace intrigue and irresistable passion. That, by the way, is what differentiates chick lit from romance — in chick lit, the job and the man are either equally important, or the job is more important. And here you thought nothing had changed since women entered the workforce en masse! ::snicker::

Anyway, Allie, our heroine, gets moved out of her job as prime time radio producer due to some nasty office politics on the part of her former boyfriend. She gets stuck with Charlie, who’s in town for some weird reason that becomes part of the plot and I can’t reveal. She decides to make Charlie a star against his will. And they have great sex and fall for each other, and there’s the usual mostly if not completely positive ending. The end. Recommended if you like this kind of thing, not recommended if you don’t. I just added a new category: beach book. This is the quintessential beach book.

Are there animals? Are they hurt or does something else happen that would disturb a reader who hates that kind of thing? Well, there’s an adorable puppy who comes to no harm. Charlie helps out the local animal shelter on his show. There’s a dog named King whose life improves once Charlie and Allie take an interest in him. And that’s it, meaning this book is SAFE for animal lovers.


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