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Does the Dog Die? A Brief Review of Two Books by Charlaine Harris

I said I was going to read more of this brain candy, and I did. I read Books Two and Three of Charlaine Harris’s Vampire Chronicles, those books being Living Dead in Dallas and Club Dead, respectively. Still brain candy, still entertaining.

In Living Dead in Dallas, protagonist Sookie Stackhouse comes under control of Eric, the “sheriff” of the Shreveport, Louisiana region. We learn that not all vampires are as easy to deal with as Boring Bill, that vampires have a ridiculous hierarchy, and that religious extremists are always on the lookout for a new cause to be ridiculous about. In Club Dead, we learn more about shapeshifters and werewolves, Boring Bill’s past, Eric’s sense of mischief, and the fact that vampires can be awfully mean to each other.

Look, you either like this stuff or you don’t. I sort of enjoy it. Yes, Boring Bill is boring, there’s a bit more description than I like given over to who’s wearing what, etc., etc. This is sort of like reading a good magazine that you end up recycling without having torn out any interesting recipes or articles, you know?

So, is Charlaine Harris good to the animals in these books? You mean there are really animals that aren’t actually shapeshifters? Occasionally, yes. But not many, now that the feline-icide of the first book is over. There’s a reference to deer hunting in Living Dead, and that’s about it. So these books are SAFE for animal lovers.


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