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Does the Dog Die? A Brief Review of Dear American Airlines, by Jonathan Miles

This very short (180 pages) book starts off as a letter of complaint from one Bennie Ford, who is angry at American Airlines for keeping him from attending his daughter’s wedding. In my experience, this kind of thing could happen on almost any airline, and right now American is on the very short list of airlines I don’t actively hate, but the point of the story is more how Bennie has messed up his life. He squandered his talents, he drank too much, he ruined relationships, and he doesn’t actually know the daughter whose wedding he’s likely to miss.

What I liked about the book was the free-flowing anger and regret Bennie writes about as he slowly comes to grips with the fact that yet another milestone event has been ruined even though he did everything right this time. Poor Bennie, he can’t win for losing. It’s not what I’d call a great book, but I do recommend it for the sheer emotionality and honesty.

Is this book safe for animal lovers? Well, Bennie very existence results from compassion shown for a possum. But there are three nasty little images elsewhere in the book. I doubt they’ll give you nightmares, so I will declare this book MOSTLY SAFE for animal lovers.


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