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Two Dogs and A Cat

How can you not love Stump, the winner of the 2009 Westminster Dog Show? Like my cat Eddie, he’s old-ish and he’s been through a medical crisis. Here is a YouTube video I dug up this morning, showing highlights of the Best in Show competition:

I also like this piece from MSNBC  that I can’t upload as a video for some reason. But there’s a video.

From last year, since it is so very popular on this site, I’ll repeat Uno’s win from last year.

Finally, talking about old dogs and their medical conditions,  my cat Eddie has a lot in common with Stump, in that he almost died. I do get a lot of hits on this site looking for tube-feeding information. So here’s an update: Eddie is thriving! He’s even engaging in some architecture, which is a little weird. He likes to arrange his toys in lines and circles. He recently made a line of his non-catnip toys, and a circle of his catnip toys. He then slept in the circle. Here are some pictures:





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  1. I’m glad to see Eddie doing so good! The lining up of toys is a little weird though….:)

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    PS mom says “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” is not safe. A cat is killed in it to threaten someone.

    Comment by Rusty | February 14, 2009 | Reply

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