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Does the Dog Die? A Brief Review of Don’t Go There, by Peter Greenberg

Why am I reviewing a book on travel tips? Because there are places where you don’t want take your dog, that’s why.

People travel with their dogs. Noah’s Wish, the animal rescue group I trained with, joined with the Humane Society at the Inauguration this week to care for any dogs that people might have brought along. And a few did show up, even though people were discouraged from bringing them. I have cats, but I know people who take their dogs everywhere.

Anyway, the title of Greenberg’s book is self-explanatory: he discusses places that you might want to avoid in your travels, and explains how he came to his conclusions. The book — which is well-written and informative, though not something you’d pick up like a novel — is divided into chapters addressing specific hazards. In the chapter on water pollution, Greenberg notes that a couple of dogs died drinking the waters of Lake Champlain in Vermont. Another 14 dogs died after they drank from Mississippi’s Lake Washington. Sick fish are mentioned in another section, and tainted dog meat has been linked to cholera in Vietnam. There is even a text box entitled “Don’t Let Fido Go There,” about transporting pets on airlines.

So I recommend this book for people who travel with their pets, even though some sad incidents are recounted. That means it is SAFE for animal lovers. Happy trails!


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