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The Inauguration, Random Thoughts Part Two

The inauguration of Barack Obama humbled me almost to the point of having nothing to say. Almost.

I loved that he emphasized responsibility and mindfulness. I loved that he rephrased traditional arguments: we should not argue big government vs small government, but rather seek effective government, etc. I loved the crowds, I loved the peaceful transfer of power. I loved Aretha Franklin’s big hat, I loved Rev. Lowry’s sermon. I loved that when the Obamas passed the Canadian embassy, uniformed Mounties saluted him:

In front of the Canadian embassy

In front of the Canadian embassy

I do not do immense crowds, stand for hours, or subject myself to cold temperatures for prolonged periods of time. So Dave and I stayed home and watched on TV. On a mid-afternoon walk, we ventured into a middle school parking lot near the closest Metro station and found many cars with out-of-state license plates: Georgia, Michigan, Alabama, New York, Connecticut. Someone had to have directed them there, since the entrance isn’t obvious.

One of my online groups asked what two pieces of advice we’d give President Obama. I said:
1. Keep some parts of your pre-Presidential routine, like the 90 minutes of daily exercise, the weekly date nights with Michelle, and the time with your daughters. You’re a human being first, president second.
2. Your nominees for cabinet and your other advisors are mostly stellar, so please listen to their wise advice and delegate to them as much as you can, because you’ll have plenty to do regardless.

I think he’ll do fine without my advice, though. I think he is an extraordinary man who came along just when this country needed him most. If he does half of what he wants and a quarter of what we want him to, he’ll go down in history as one of America’s greatest presidents.


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