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The Inauguration, Random Thoughts Part One

Quick note: the concert at the Lincoln Memorial is awesome. HBO will be unblocked tonight, so if you’re not catching it live, be sure and watch!

As happy as I am about Barack Obama’s inauguration, I don’t do crowds. So Dave and I made plans to “pretend a hurricane is coming,” as Arlington County so wisely advised its citizens in a recent alert. He was going to bring over his laptop, a bottle of champagne, reading material, and several changes of clothes. I planned menus and stocked up on food. He was going to drive back and forth until Monday, at which point he’d stay here for the duration. And I wasn’t going to move my car from Friday onward. Then life interfered: his car died, as it does periodically. Dave has a great little sports car that spends way too much time in the shop. Which meant I ended up driving a bit, the last trip being around 1 today.

Driving back from his place, I made several observations. First, I thought it might be fun to get out of my car and say to the guy in front of me: “Welcome to Virginia! I hope you have a great time at the Inauguration and have many pleasant stories to take home to your family and friends. And please tell me, because I’m curious, just what does a green arrow on a traffic light mean in your home state?” I don’t really need to say much more about that, do I? Because we’ve all been there.

The other observation was that a lot of people hung the American flag from their houses. Nice touch, that.

When I got back, there was only one parking space left on my block, so I took it. My house is close to a Metro stop, and people do park here and walk over, especially on weekends and holidays when the residential parking restrictions don’t apply. The Sunday concert today’s crowd Metro’d in for started a couple of minutes ago, but I’ll watch it on HBO tonight.

Here’s a cool Joe Biden story. One of Dave’s law school buddies, Jim, is married to Jane, who was the best friend of Biden’s first wife and her maid of honor. In 1972, Biden’s first wife and children were in a terrible car accident that injured their two sons. Biden’s wife and daughter died. So that was over 36 years ago. But Biden has always honored that friendship, and so he invited Jim and Jane to be among his guests at the Inauguration on Tuesday. They will also be at a special reception he’ll have on Wednesday at the Naval Observatory, the traditional residence of the Vice President. I think that says a lot about the man.

I’ll post again Wednesday, after the main event. I can’t wait!


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