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Does the Dog Die? A Brief Review of Julie & Julia, by Julie Powell

Julie Powell’s account of her culinary death march through Julia Child’s classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking is hysterically funny, and you must read it if you haven’t already! I loved this book, largely because Powell never pretends to be anyone other than who she is, and she boldly asserts herself and her large personality with no apologies.

Powell starts off slowly, though, and it took me a while to feel fully engaged. That’s because Powell pretty much has to explain how she was depressed and searching for meaning in her life at the time she came upon the crack-brained notion of cooking 524 mostly complicated French recipes in 365 days (she didn’t even grant herself the luxury of a leap year). But the task, which she carried out despite a move, the East Coast power outage of 2003, insane co-workers, and a cat that decided to live in the ceiling, gave her a sense of purpose and helped her define herself. Having a loving husband who just rolled with the situation like a piece of algae in a stormy sea certainly didn’t hurt.

As for animals, no, the dog doesn’t die, but several live lobsters do, and it’s not pretty. If you are very sensitive to this kind of thing, you might want to skim or even skip the lobster chapter. Also, Powell’s brother gave her a pet snake when she was in college, and she occasionally has to buy mice for it. Otherwise, the cats are fine, and the Powells adopt a dog to celebrate her segue from blogger to author. So this book is Mostly Safe for animal lovers. Enjoy!


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  1. At PKU (Peter Kump’s, our student reference) now ICE, I would not kill a lobster. But I do confess to Homard L’Americaine, or Armorican. It’s not American, but from Spain. Forgive the Spanish spelling, I took French. I have to read this book! In the meantime check out my blog for other inspirations.

    Sorry to hear of Priscilla. She looks like a smart cat. Probably a talker as well. The worst kind, that you love and miss the most. Dee

    Comment by pawsinsd | December 21, 2008 | Reply

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