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Vacation Chronicle – Phoenix, AZ (Days 8-12)

Phoenix is where Dave and I start separate vacations. He attends a seminar on scouting minor league baseball players for rotisserie leagues, and I … entertain myself, usually with the computer and a bunch of books, sometimes by driving off hither and yon. This year, a messy cold that popped up about 5 minutes after we entered the city limits kept me close to the hotel, which had been my plan anyway.

I have mixed feelings about Phoenix. It’s very sprawling, and while I like the nearby mountains, getting to them is a pain. We’ve had some good times there, but it’s mostly Dave’s thing. This time, he saw several games of the Arizona Fall League, a developmental league for minor league baseball players. I went to one with him, and it was so poorly played it was laughable. Seriously, people around us were laughing, too. We did find a couple of good restaurants. For example, at Babbo’s Italian Restaurant  in Surprise, we had a good, reasonably priced dinner before heading to the ballpark. We also returned to the Tortilla Factory  in Scottsdale. And we always enjoy visiting Roaring Fork , also in Scottsdale. One thing about Scottsdale, though – we’re used to seeing a lively street scene, and there was almost no one out. Signs of a recession, I guess, and too bad for some charming shops and restaurants that relied upon people having disposable income.

But mostly I sniffled, took cold medication, wrote about 10 blog posts for the future, and read books. It was a low-key ending to a wonderful trip. We have a couple of short trips planned around the holidays, but otherwise that’s it until sometime next year.

In a few days, I’ll return to posting book reviews for animal lovers, which is the primary purpose of this blog.


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    Comment by TF | January 7, 2009 | Reply

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