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Vacation Chronicle – Albuquerque, NM (Days 1-3)

It’s been a rough year: my dad died, my older cat died, my younger cat almost died and required a month of tube-feeding, plus a few other things I’d rather not discuss on the blog. (It’s a blog, not a confession of every single thing that’s gone on in my life.) So I desperately needed a vacation and, thanks to Dave, I was able to take a very nice one. As you can tell from the title of this post, we started in Albuquerque.


Where we stayed. We visited Albuquerque for the first time last year, staying at Adobe Nido , a wonderful little bed-and-breakfast that we fell in love with. In addition to the room and a marvelous breakfast, we were taken with our hosts, Sarah and Rol. As we departed last year, they said something about how people often view Albuquerque as a place to stop en route to Santa Fe, and yet there is much more to it than that. So we decided to stay an extra day this year. Sarah and Rol were their usual gracious selves, and quite enjoyable to talk to. And there was a new addition to the family: Reisa, best described as a giant Chihuahua. (Clearly she’s a mix of Chihuahua and something else, but she looks just like a Chihuahua, only bigger.) Reisa joins Minnie, the resident older dog, who appears to be some sort of terrier mix, and two very large cages of small birds.

Where we ate. Having missed lunch on our travel day, we headed from Adobe Nido to The Flying Star Café . This restaurant serves good, basic food at reasonable prices in a hip atmosphere (which, in my world, means they also sell reading material and have patrons who dress somewhat unconventionally). Dinner that night was at the nice-but-casual Seasons Grill , which was excellent – I’d happily return. Lunch on Day Two was a dud, so I’m not going to discuss it further. Dinner, however, was at Zinc, a sister restaurant to Seasons, and it was simply amazing. The smoked trout and potato pancake appetizer was worth the trip in and of itself.

How we entertained ourselves. Sarah and Rol are right: there is a lot to do in Albuquerque. We spent a morning at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, which traced the state’s history from the big bang to the present in a series of exhibits that encompassed prehistoric life, the presence of precious metals, and the development of the computer. We next wandered through Old Town, checking out several of the stores. We’re not recreational shoppers, but we did buy a couple of small items. We also drove out to the tram that goes up the Sandia Mountains. (I am a complete wimp about this kind of thing, so we didn’t go on the tram, we just looked at it.) The following day, we visited the Petroglyph National Monument before heading up the Turquoise Trail , lunching at The Mine Shaft Tavern , which is a great place for people-watching and a good meal.

Next up: Santa Fe.


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