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Does the Dog Die? A Brief Review of Francesca’s Party, by Patricia Scanlan

As a result of minor events from 2001 through 2003, I found myself in possession of several bags of free books in the mystery and romance genres. I gave away most of these but set aside a few for myself. One of the latter was Francesca’s Party, by Patricia Scanlan. Scanlan writes what I think of as mid-life chick lit. And chick lit differs from romance along two key lines: in chick lit, the woman’s career is at least as important as her love life; and chick lit heroines don’t always have an established relationship at the end of the story.

Francesca’s Party spends a lot of time watching Francesca, the protagonist, come to grips with the demise of her marriage. She moves on eventually and, as in standard chick lit, a career and a potential suitor enter the picture. But this book seemed to be mostly about selling a house. Francesca wanted to move. Kirwan, the philandering husband, wanted to keep his options open with Francesca and the old homestead. And they were rich and in their 40s.

The book was well-written and moderately entertaining, and there was a dog. Trixie was cuddled, fed, walked, and fussed over periodically. Kirwan even had the decency to miss her. So this book is SAFE for animal lovers.

However, it’s not quite as interesting as I wanted it to be. I also think Scanlan intended some scenes to be humorous, but for me she never got past “mildly amusing.” So I’m not going to recommend this book unless you’re really into reading about contemplation of divorce and real estate among rich, Irish 40-somethings. Oh, and villain is the woman with the best career. That wasn’t necessary. Why can’t the female villain ever have a middling career? You know, works at the bank and does a good job but isn’t a star? Reliable, with a good income but not rich? Now that would be novel.


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