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Does the Dog Die? A Brief Review of The Blood of Flowers, by Anita Amirrezvani

I don’t get some of these book reviewers for major newspapers. I especially don’t get the Christian Science Monitor reviewer who compared this book to The Kite Runner. The two books are nothing alike — nothing! I can’t even imagine why someone would make that statement, unless they think that every book set in Iran is like every book set in Afghanistan. How ignorant! The two books couldn’t be more different.

I enjoyed The Blood of Flowers immensely, and I highly recommend it. Amirrezvani is a talented writer and storyteller, and she spent 9 years researching this tale of an unnamed narrator, a teenaged girl in seventeenth-century Persia. Left penniless and without a dowry after the tragic death of her father, she and her mother find themselves in the city of Isfahan, living with a distant relative and his grumpy wife. Despite a number of events that might crush the spirit of a less intrepid girl, the narrator persists in her quest for relative independence and dignity. She has an advantage in the form of a talent for rug design and crafting, but little else.

I have to say that I kept expecting this book to turn towards the unrealistic, and it never quite did. There was no deus ex machina coming in to rescue the girl, nor was there a neatly tied-up ending. That was satisfying. I did think throughout that the book had elements of chick lit, specifically a few sex scenes and a focus on the young woman’s career. Mostly, however, this was a well-written, well-told story with a realistic historical backdrop.

As for animals, there were horses and the usual farm animals. There were no unpleasant images involving animals aside from a tale of a hunter and an ass. That’s on page 211 in the first 3 paragraphs, which you can skip if you’re extremely sensitive to this kind of thing. Otherwise, this book is SAFE for animal lovers.


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