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Sunday Miscellany

Oh, it’s been an eventful weekend!

First, I’d like to give a photo credit to my friend Beth, who took the picture of Priscilla in the “about” section in the upper right-hand corner of this page. You can check Beth’s other photos at her Flickr page. And speaking of cats, Eddie is doing great! Here’s the latest picture of him, hiding under the “don’t bother me” chair:

We all need a place to hide at times, right?

Next, Dave’s car died. We were driving along yesterday morning when all sorts of warning lights started going on. I was almost afraid to look, but when I did, I saw that even the speedometer wasn’t functioning. So he had it towed to the dealer, and they sent him over to the rental car place for a loaner, where they fixed him up with this:

I call it the “Darth Vader-mobile.” Look, if he were a landscaper or a painter or a carpenter, or if he lived in the country and had a farm, this might be a perfectly suitable vehicle. But Dave’s an attorney living in a close-in suburb of Washington DC. Under the circumstances, this thing is nothing short of hilarious.

Finally, as stated in a previous post, I thought this last season of Top Chef was nothing short of awesome. And yesterday evening we met some friends at the burger joint run by the family of Spike Mendelsohn (sp?) from last season: Good Stuff Eatery. Spike himself was there, as was his dad, and I have to say, the food was excellent. They’re planning to turn Good Stuff into a chain, and I hope they succeed. I had a soda, large Village Fries, and the Patty Melt, all for about $11. Spike made the Village Fries on Top Chef and got wild praise for them from the judges. They were, without question, the best fries I’ve ever had. So the question is, had I not seen the show or had Spike not gone on the show in the first place, what would I think of the food? I would still think it was awesome, and I’d still think the fries were the best I’ve ever had. The burger might be up there in the top 3 I’ve ever had, and it’s definitely the best I’ve had recently, but I don’t eat a lot of burgers. I was fully prepared to say “over-rated,” but that’s absolutely not true. So if you ever end up in Washington DC on Capitol Hill and want a good, reasonably priced meal with the best fries you’ll ever eat, try Good Stuff.


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