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Does the Dog Die? Brief Notes on Three-and-a-Half Books

I try not to review books from memory, but I will make the occasional exception.

I like Bruce Wagner as an author, but some of his books are NOT SAFE for animal lovers. Specifically, he does have a character kill a hapless, harmless pug in Still Holding. And one of the Amazon reviews for Memorial, another Wagner book (and the “half” because I didn’t read it myself), indicates that a pet dies. I don’t recall a problem with Chrysanthemum, which was my favorite of the Wagner books I’ve read thus far, but again, I’m doing this from memory. If an animal death really disturbs you, be wary of Wagner. Otherwise, you might like him. Check some of the more in-depth reviews online.

On the other hand e, by Matt Beaumont, is pretty funny and I don’t recall any animals in it. So I will deem it SAFE for animal lovers. The book is told through a series of e-mails, which I thought would be off-putting but actually worked extremely well. I highly recommend it.


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