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Wine and Your Taste Buds

This morning’s Washington Post had an interesting article about how people’s taste buds steer them to prefer different types of wine. Which Wine Drinker Are You? explains how we fall into four categories of wine drinker: sweet, hypersensitive, sensitive, and tolerant. By going to the website of The Budometer and answering a few simple questions, your “profile” emerges.

This is most useful for inexperienced or overwhelmed wine drinkers, because over time and with experience, our tastes tend to broaden. I read the types of wines preferred by members of each category and liked everything except the sweet wines. I thought I would probably fall into the Sensitive category even though, like Tolerants, I have a pretty strong preference for red wine. Most women are Sensitive or Hypersensitive as well. However, the questionnaire establishes me as a solid Tolerant.

This taste-typing is in the early stages, and a more refined questionnaire is in the works. But if you drink wine at all, you’ll probably find The Budometer of interest even in this Beta version.



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