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Links for Those Mourning the Loss of a Pet

The blog stats tell me that a fair number of people swing by here in search of information about dealing with the death of a pet. I set up this blog primarily as a site for book reviews for animal lovers and secondarily as an on-line diary for myself. But I do have some pet bereavement resources to pass along so that those who end up here with that purpose don’t experience it as just another dead end.

The first place I’m going to suggest is my wise Internet-friend John’s site. John has a big heart, and he shares his home with about 8 cats. He cares for an even larger number of outdoor cats. I met him on, one of the many websites dedicated to diabetic cats.  His “Poof’s page” on pet loss (named after a beloved cat) is my favorite, bar none. He doesn’t try to sweet-talk the pain, he takes it straight on. If you’re hurting, please read what John wrote. It won’t make the hurt go away, but it will help it make sense.

I’ve been through this twice, and I’ll go through it again. Priscilla is 19, and Eddie is 13. There will be more cats after they’re gone. It’s a way of continuing the love.

I’m putting a lot more links in the first comment.


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  1. Here are some additional resources. This is good if you want to talk to someone. Also, check with your local animal shelter to see if any shelters in your area offer free pet bereavement group therapy. Mine does, once a month, and it was an enormous help after my cat Rabbit died. is about euthanasia. from Best Friends.

    Comment by esheley | February 28, 2008 | Reply

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