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Does the Dog Die? A Short Review of The Geographer’s Library, by Jon Fasman

This book is one of those magical mysteries, as I call them, in which complicated, seemingly unrelated activities take place in multiple countries and across time, with a present-day sleuth fitting all the disparate pieces together. In The Geographer’s Library, rookie newspaper reporter Paul Tomm is writing an obituary of a reclusive college professor. The corpse was not just an eccentric academic, however: he once pointed a gun out a window and shot a cat. This is bad, but it’s merely alluded to — we don’t see the incident — and everybody takes it as an indisputable sign that the guy was despicable. So poor, dead kitty notwithstanding, I am declaring this book Safe for animal lovers. More below.


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  1. I liked this book. On, there were some reviews about how the ending sort of fizzles or thuds. Granted, it doesn’t match the rest of the book for excitement, and there are some really obvious plot twists. But for maybe 340 or so of the 372 pages, I found it to be an enjoyable journey, and I recommend it. It’s certainly better than The Da Vinci Code, which I thought was insanely over-rated, obvious, and insipid.

    Comment by esheley | January 28, 2008 | Reply

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