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Does the Dog Die? A Short Review of My Year of Meats, by Ruth Ozeki

I think all meat eaters should know what goes on in the lives of the animals they consume, from birth to death. I grew up in a rural community with lots of small farms nearby, but now that I live in a city, most of my meat comes from large farms. And Ruth Ozeki’s excellent novel shows the ugly side of factory farms, making it Unsafe for animal lovers. But like I said, I think if you eat meat, this is a truth you need to confront. You may think differently. And the book is otherwise excellent, so I’m going to recommend it anyway, despite deeming it unsafe. More below.


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  1. Since I wasn’t very good at being a vegetarian and certainly couldn’t sustain it for very long, I have decided to be particular about sourcing my meat. Farmers’ markets are safe bets, as a rule. There are also supermarket chains that have supplier standards incorporating animal welfare considerations. Whole Foods has very rigorous animal welfare standards for its suppliers, so that’s where I buy most of my meat, not that I buy that much to begin with. On the other hand, Whole Foods is pretty expensive. We all make choices, though, and that’s one of mine. You may be outraged at the notion of people eating meat in the first place, or you may be outraged that people are outraged, or something. I’m fine with whatever people decide, as long as they’ve at least given it some thought.

    My Year of Meats was certainly thought-provoking. And it was an excellent book with or without the factory farm and slaughterhouse scenes.

    Comment by esheley | January 16, 2008 | Reply

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